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I am a Friend Of Red Gate

Hello Guys,

I think everybody knows me, already know that i am a friend of Red Gate, but what that means?

Leave Red Gate tell what it is.

“The Friends of Red Gate Program is aimed at active and influential community members (such as popular blog writers and community site owners) as well as SQL & .NET MVPs who are experts and gurus in their respective fields. These people have clear ideas and opinions about the technologies they work with and, over time, we hope that they come to know & enjoy Red Gate and our products.

The Program gives these people the chance to use and review Red Gate’s tools through the provision of NFR licenses. This allows them to become better informed about our products capabilities, and more able to help others who are having problems which could be solved using our tools”

What i could say is that i will always help Red Gate to improve his products providing feedback, and off course, show the Microsoft community the power of his products, and how can do our life easier.

So, Are you wondering how to become a Friend of Red Gate? Just send an e-mail to and you will talk with an adorable person called Hannah Jermy


Marcos Freccia