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Connect Item – Allow on SSRS subscription the content data on e-mail body

Hi Guys,

Just decided to have this post English for one simple reason: to get more votes on this connect item I just opened.

These days I am working a lot with SSRS and I really miss something that could be very useful when creating SSRS Subscription. For those doesn’t know what is a SSRS Subscription I deeply recommend you to take a look here. Basically, when creating a subscription you have two options, which is:

  1. Deliver the report on a Windows File Share
  2. Deliver the report by e-mail as a attached file.

Although, deliver the report as attached file is not a big problem, would be beneficial to have another option to deliver the content of this report on the body of the e-mail. I know someone can say: “If someone wants to deliver a e-mail with a million rows?”. Well, that’s the case I say you need to analyze your environment and see if the setting would be important for you.

Thinking about that, I decided to create a suggestion connect item to ask to Microsoft to consider creating this option for future releases.

I hope you find this as useful as I do and vote it on the same.

Marcos Freccia