An error occurred while setting up a binding for the column

Hello Guys!

I just wanted to do this quick blog post to give you a tip about a recent problem that I had in a SSIS Project. My scenario is the following.

Source Database Server: PostgreSQL
Target Database Server: SQL Server 2016

As you can see, I need to extract data from this PostgreSQL database and import in SQL Server. So far everything is working, but today I got this error of in one particular table: [OLE DB Destination [25]] Error: An error occurred while setting up a binding for the “MyColumnName” column. The binding status was “DT_NTEXT”. The data flow column type is “DBBINDSTATUS_UNSUPPORTEDCONVERSION”. The conversion from the OLE DB type of “DBTYPE_IUNKNOWN” to the destination column type of “DBTYPE_WVARCHAR” might not be supported by this provider.

From what I understood it says this Data Type that the OLE DB Provider tried to convert from the source data is not supported and it resulted in a Unknown data type, which is not supported by the provier. So, how to deal with this problem?

Basically, what I did was creating an intermediate data converstion step as you can see in the below screen.


And for the necessary column, I have converted to a known data type that the OLE DB Provider will understand, which in this case is a DT_WSTR (NVARCHAR)


This fixed my error and I was able to execute the data flow task.


If you liked or not, give your feedback in the comments.

Marcos Freccia
Data Platform MVP

About Marcos Freccia

MVP em SQL Server (Data Plataform) , especialista em SQL Server, e atualmente trabalhando com Microsoft Azure!

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  1. Got exactly the same scenario and issue, the error does not explain clearly, but you did, thanks 🙂

  2. Thanks, it was helpful for me too

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